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Step 1: Throw in some cash. Before the first pitch is thrown out, everyone throws a $1 bill into an empty cup. Give the cup to whomever is sitting closer to home plate.

Step 2. Watch the ball. At the end of each half inning, whoever made the last out will get rid of the game ball somehow. Sometimes the player will throw it into the stands, sometimes they'll give it to the ump. In either scenario, pass the cup down the line and throw in another buck. However, if the player throws the ball towards the mound then...

Step 3: Make the call. If it's on the grass, it's no good - pass the cup down the line. If any part of the ball is touching the grass (leaning against it) then it is a draw and nobody wins the round. Everyone throws in another dollar. If it's on the mound, then we have a winner! (And yes, the ball has to stay on the mound). Whoever is holding the cup gets to keep the cash. After you stuff the bills in your pocket, pass the cup down the line and start collecting again.